Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SA's birthday, easter and some other things

Hey, i feel like i have been away for so long. thank you to all u guys who take time to stop by. Bless your heart.

I feel like a lot has happened but now that i am here, i seem to have forgotten it all. Let me start from easter. I thot i was going to have a long weekend of rest, but apparently that was in my dreams. had to travel so early on friday and there was traffic on the lagos-ibadan expressway. we finally get home, and the prepeartaions start, by the way SA went with us . By monday when we were coming back to Lagos, we had paid for our engagemnet outfit, booked the cake, booked the hall for the engagment, checked out the hall booked for the reception, started our counselling. It was hectic but I thank God for all that we achieved.

Counselling ehen, it wasn't so bad. we had to say what we liked about each other, our spiritual, educational and family background. The man said no sex ( and it is an order) and then he got started about the type of wedding gown i am expected to wear. From all he said i think it would just be nice if i got an overcoat, you know the type they wear during winter. I honestly dont know any bridal shop that sells what he described. Thats that about easter.

Its SA's birthday tommorrow. I am so excited you would think its my birthday. I think SA is excited too, he is just trying to hide it. Anyway I bought a cake and he keeps saying how he wants to buy chinnos trousers, so I got him one, and then on saturday I am throwing him a suprise party.
I will be so broke after saturday, but when i think of how much i love him and how good he has been to me i dont worry . The parry is for just 15 friends of his and it is in his house.

I will keep you nice friends of mine updated about the party.

Its really a long post. I hope you dont get bored reading it. God bless and keep you all.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I was just so upset yesterday and up until this mornin(not a nice way to start the week u'l say) Almost everybody was annoying me.

SA- He jst doesnt know how to keep to time, and he will just keep wiving it aside like the fact that we are running late doesnt matter at all. Yesterday we went for his friend's wedding thanksgiving and we were supposed to go for my friend's baby's naming ceremony. I asked him what time we were goingto get to my friend's place and he said to tell them 2. when we finished the thanksgiving aat 11.30, he then said we should start going to with his friend to their house(ISOLO) and i reminded him that we have to be back in ogba by 2. He said yeah we were still going to make it and that he wanted me to see their wedding album as he wants the guy to come and take our wedding pics.

We got to Isolo and these pips just start faffing around, when it was 1.30 i say to him we have to start going, he then says his friend's wife has started cooking and we have to wait to eat besides he wants to eat pounded yam. we waited and at 2.30 she brings the pounded yam which was filled with lumps( I was laughing wickedly in my mind)

the wedding album;I saw the pics and i am like i dont like this guy's work, there is a way that wedding albums look these days and that is what i want. SA became angry that what more do i want, but i just wouldnt be bothered. Imagine the photographer cum video man forgot to take pics of the bride as she was coming into church he was busy taking the choir and i told SA as much. He then went on and on about how i want to waste money on just pics, he is not interested in photobooks and i musnt pay a photographer to do it. I was so upset.
We get to my friend's at 4pm, and luckily everybody told him how if i say i am coming at 2 i actually mean 1.30.

SA's Siblings-In my enagagemnet list they asked them to buy obi abata(kolanut) and Atare( I dont know the english word for that) Thats how they went up in arms saying they are xtains and those things are usually used to worship some gods. My dad says to them we are a a xtian family and we wont be worshiping any god with it. But they just wont stop, saying all sorts about how this is not the 1st time they are goingto marry smbdy so why do they need to buy that stuff. Meanwhile my dad says no eng without those things. Their self-righteous behaviour is getting to me. I asked SA to go and tell my dad himself his siblings are having sleepless nights over those things but he should pls leave me out, cuz i am just getting pissed at them feeling like they are the only xtians on earth.

K-This is my friend who is married by the way. He jsut refuses to accept that marriage makes all the difference. He thinks we all can still be as cosy as before. So he has now become so clingy and annoying. He always calls to say how u didnt ask after him and how he has been at work( and i am like pls reserve this gist for your wife) I was just upset with him yesterday, if i dont call u everyday it doesnt ,mean u are out of my mind, but i dont spend my waking thots thinking about you silly.

My sis-She can be so rough and obstinate at times. She will scatter the whole room and if u tell her to arrange it she just wont. I was so upset with her this morning. She has scattered this set of documents around the room for 2 weeks now I keep teling her to arramge it and the silly girl just wont. I had to rake for her this morning.

Enough of my rantings, I wish u all a God-filled week